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This is Zhen, she loves everything to do with photography, In the book you get to see  her in her studio and have the chance to feature in one of her pictures


Meet Mya! She is really good at baking and making lots of yummy treats. In the book, you get to enter Mya's kitchen to see what shes making and you get to decorate some of her cakes and cupcakes


It's me again! Did I tell you that I love karate and other sports? You'll get to see me in one of my sessions in the book. I can't wait for you to see everything my friends and I enjoy doing and also learn what you enjoy doing too :)


This is Eve, She's a great swimmer and loves listening to music. You'll get to see her favourite swimming costumes in the book!


Meet Ruby! She always makes jewellery for all of us. She is so creative and friendly. Zhen never takes off  the necklace Ruby made for her.


Say Hi to Temi! She absolutely loves reading. Sometimes I feel like she knows a little bit about everything. In the book, you get to find out what Temi loves to read about and help her with one of her stories


Here is Amor, I cant wait for you to learn all about her great ideas. She loves technology and finding out how things work


This is Afia, our very own scientist. We call her that becuase when she is not in a lab, she is prbably thinking about one. In the book you get to find out just how smart she is and how she plans to help many people 

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