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How it all started!

Hi, we're Kemi and Kiisha Oguntayo but you can call us Kem & Kiish.

We love arts and crafts, baking, playing dress up and reading! It's always fun creating things from scratch, don't you think?

We got the idea to create the Kishem colouring book after asking our mum and dad why there weren't colouring books with all types of children who look like us or our friends in school. Our Dad said "girls problems are meant for solving" (he says that all the time), so we decided to try and make our own.


We didn't know how we were going to do it but we really wanted to do it, so we started asking questions; lots of questions. Mum told us to write all our questions down and set a special time to discuss them one by one until we found an answer, this was called a meeting.

Mum and Dad always go to meetings (which we were never allowed in) and now we got to have our very own meeting...It was really exciting!

We also did research online and asked Google loads of questions and we found out that it is so important for children to have familiar positive images around them to build self esteem. This is very important for learning in and outside of school. 

We wanted the book to have different types of children who are all talented and unique. It was also important to make it more than just a colouring book so after creating and naming each character, we added short stories about them, what they enjoy doing and what they aspire to be so that other children reading can get inspired too. We hope you find some great gifts for kids on our site 

We think all children have something special about them and we hope this book helps them to realise that they are really cool and that they can do anything. #Kishem

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